Driver in road rage incident shot after following man home

A 71-year old California man was arrested Thursday for assault with a firearm after an alleged road rage incident ended in gunfire at the man's home.

The incident happened Thursday morning in Corte Madera. According to police, James Simon and another 69-year-old man from Tiburon got into a driving dispute on the street.

"It turned into what I'll define as road rage, where they started following each other," said Central Marin Police Chief Todd Cusimano.

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It ended when Simon pulled into his garage and the other driver edged his Mercedes convertible under the garage door. Police said Simon got a handgun, fired a warning shot, then fired two shots at the other driver, hitting the 69-year-old twice in the torso.

Thursday evening, police weren't releasing the victim's name. He was taken to Marin General Hospital in serious condition, but has been able to speak with investigators.

Police spent most of the day at the Simon home and surrounding area collecting evidence to determine if the shooting was self-defense.

"When I heard there was a shooting, I knew it was Jim Simon." Simon's former neighbor Eric Alexander said. "He's an angry man. A hostile, angry man."

Alexander came by his old neighborhood when he heard about the shooting on the news and told reporters Simon used to terrorize his family with a dog whistle when they lived next door.

"We saw him through the fence with 'shooter' headphones on, blowing it as loudly as he can," remembered Alexander.

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