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Make a 'Peeps' centerpiece for your Easter table

This holiday project is easy enough that the kids can help.


Make a 'Peeps' centerpiece for your Easter table photo
The finished project: a Peeps flower centerpiece.

By Jessica Garringer

Contributing Writer

You can’t really celebrate Easter without giving in to the magical marshmallow confections known as Peeps.

People have embraced Peeps as more than a sugary treat. People have used them as artwork, decorations and so much more.

Today, we, too, are going to celebrate this springtime favorite with a Peeps centerpiece that is sweet enough for any spring table.

Plus, for just $8.76, you won’t break the bank making it.

You will need


• Sewing Ring — $1.49 at Michaels arts and crafts

• Dowel Rod — 59 cents at Michaels

• Plastic Planter — $1.19 at Goodwill

• Easter Grass — $1 at Dollar Store

• Styrofoam Block — $2.49 at Michaels

• Yellow Bunny Peeps — $2 at Kroger

Items I already had around the house

• Gorilla Glue or Hot Glue Gun

• Scissors

• Decorative Ribbon

• Green Acrylic Paint

• Foam Brush

• Gravel or Other Weighted Materials


1. Cut your dowel rod to the height you want for your table centerpiece. I made mine about 2 feet long.

2. Use your glue to attach the sewing ring to one end of your dowel rod.

3. Once it is dry, place your rod in the center of the foam block.

4. Paint the rod and sewing ring with the green paint. Let dry completely.

5. Remove the rod and ring from the foam block and lay flat on the table.

6. Use your glue and begin gluing your peeps around the rim of your sewing ring, making sure to have the ears pointing out.

7. Glue the foam block to the bottom of your planter, so it is secure.

8. Once the Peeps are fully dried and the foam block is secure, place the rod back into the foam block.

9. Add gravel or other materials to weigh down the base of the planter.

10. Place Easter grass on top of the foam to cover up the foam block completely.

11. Tie a ribbon around the rod and enjoy.


If you are using this as a centerpiece where all sides are visible, then simply glue Peeps to the front and back sides of the sewing ring so that it looks like a flower from all sides.

Jessica Garringer is a bargain hunter, DIYer and a couponer who loves to save money. You can reach her at SaverSavvySavings@gmail.com. Find more DIY projects at www.Pinterest.com/SaverSavvy.

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