Heartbroken dog owner in Utah warns about poisoning symptoms

  • Shelby Lin Erdman
  • Cox Media Group National Content Desk
6:50 p.m Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 Pets
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
A Utah couple is mourning the loss of their two dogs in a suspected antifreeze poisoning case. Antifreeze is extremely deadly for dogs.

A heartbroken Utah family is warning dog owners to watch out for poisons that could kill a dog.

The Burrells lost their two dogs last week after a suspected bout of poisoning with antifreeze, a common automotive coolant that is deadly for dogs and humans, too.

Katrina Burrell said they had to watch as the vet euthanized their two dogs following a horrible poisoning attack, that included spasms, nausea and diarrhea, WGNTV.com reported.

“I keep a very close eye on my dogs when they are outside in our yard,” Burrell told WGNTV.com. “They never go out of my sight.” But they did last week for just long enough, the vet believes, to find the poisonous spill in the neighbor’s yard.

One of the dogs tested positive for ethylene glycol, a main chemical in antifreeze.

Dogs are often attracted to antifreeze because it has a sweet smell, but it’s extremely deadly to canines and it can kill them quickly. There’s only a short window for treatment, too, within an hour of a dog ingesting it, according to vets.

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