What makes Sriracha so good? Science

You've probably asked yourself before, likely out loud, "Why's Sriracha sauce so delicious?!" Well the answer is... science. That's why.\Yes, the yummy spicy, garlic-pepper hot sauce caught the attention of those at the American Chemical Society (ACS) who decided to take a deeper, tastier look at the Huy Fong Foods' product. Check it out.

"Inside those red chilies is a group of molecules called capsaicinoids. Within this group, two molecules pack up to 95% of the blistering punch — capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin. These two molecules trigger the TRPV1 receptor protein in our mouths." (Via YouTube / Reactions)

So it's that simple! Okay. We'll explain more.

After tasting Sriracha, the body then releases endorphins, fighting the burning spice to cool it — making it less painful and more tasty. NPR reports the body reacts kind of the same way to mints and cough drops.

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According to ACS, potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfite also help the condiment keep its red color and long shelf life. While science is proving why just about everyone loves the taste of the spicy sauce, it hasn't always been that way.

Last November, the company's Irwindale, California headquarter plant was shut down after city residents complained the odor of the peppers was polluting the air and causing some people to get sick. (Via KCBS)

The Los Angeles Times reported Jan. 31 the factory is still in a legal battle with the city and is now facing breach of contract allegations. The company has a public hearing on the issues Wednesday.

But company founder David Tran has a few words for any Sriracha haters.

"If you don't like my product, what happened with you? Something wrong." (Via CBS)

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