Could record heat be the norm in 2047?

According to a new study, by 2047, the entire globe could see weather hotter than it’s ever been before.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii were able to pinpoint when certain cities and ecosystems around the world will experience the hottest conditions they’ve ever had. (Via Irish Examiner)

And for dozens of locations, those dates could be as soon as a decade away.

The study says says Kingston, Jamaica, could be first in about ten years, followed by Singapore in 2028, Mexico City in 2031, and Cairo in 2036. And the list goes on. (Via Nature)

And it will be hot.

The study reports that every year after 2047 will probably be even more scorching than the world’s hottest year on record, 2005. (Via WCCO)

Eventually, the coldest year in a particular city or region will be hotter than the hottest year in its past. (Via The Huffington Post)

Skeptics who question whether governments need to step in point out global temperatures rose more slowly in the last 15 years despite increasing gas emissions, especially in China. (Via The Guardian)

To make their calculations, researchers used weather observations, computer models, and other data. (Via The Weather Channel)

The researchers found even more bad news.

The oceans, which have been absorbing close to half of our carbon dioxide emissions for around 250 years now, are officially the most acidic they’ve ever been. (Via Climate Central)

The study’s authors hope this startling new information will inspire the government to do something about climate change before it’s too late.

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